En Pointe

idanceitsmylife: I love you blog :)

Thank you so much!

cruisinontheblue: i miss ballet so much, thank you for this.

You dont need to miss it! Go out, find a school or clear a little space in your house and start dancing!

Anonymous: Hi, I'm an dancer having a dilemma. I have just spilt water over my Pointe shoes, and they're ruined. The performance is in 2 days, and I need pointe shoes fast as I have rehearsals tomorrow. Tomorrow before rehearsals I'm going to go into a dance shop to buy pointe shoes. Will I be able to just walk in and ask for Bloch Amelie 5.5C or will they ask me "Can you tell me your dance studio/teacher" crap.

They dont need to ask you anything. If they do it is because some schools have specific preferences. 

Anonymous: Hello, how often do you do ballet?

Hi! 4 times a week, 90 minutes classes.

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